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Who We Are

Operating as an independent insurance broker serving businesses here in California for over two decades, the agency was founded by entrepreneur Zain Jeewanjee after discovering a void in the industry’s understanding of the demanding needs of Silicon Valley start-ups. With the region’s tremendous growth over the last 15 years, the Agency has seen equal growth, both in clientele and revenues, becoming a genuine insurance leader throughout the region.

The Business Success

While many insurance brokers in the area provide employee benefits for companies, none of them are as service driven as the Jeewanjee Insurance Agency. From initial enrollment to annual renewals, their focus is on providing an unparalleled level of service. As an entrepreneur himself, Zain Jeewanjee fully understands the time restrictions that face a growing company as it deals with health benefits and other insurance related issues. For that reason, Jeewanjee Insurance has positioned itself as a true “one-stop shop” for all commercial and medical insurance needs for the company under 1,000 employees. The agency’s core goal is to ensure that every one of their clients recognizes their options and utilizes plans most appropriate to the needs of their employees and the company at large. In this sense, the agency’s success is not simply a matter of what they do, but what they do differently.

The Difference Makers

From the start, it was important to Jeewanjee to separate his agency from the rest of the pack, and he accomplished this early on by offering customized packages tailored specifically to his emerging growth clients. Focusing on businesses with the potential for rapid growth, the agency chose to service only those companies that could benefit from their personalized service, whether the company was still an outline on a table napkin or was working towards hiring their thousandth employee. As Amit Babaria of CIGNEX Technologies notes, “Jeewanjee Insurance met our insurance needs since we incorporated our company back in 2000. They give you 100%, no matter what size the company.”

Though now listed among the top 20 benefit consultants in the Valley (San Jose Business Journal), Jeewanjee Insurance holds a very selective number of accounts and takes pride in having the largest number of customer service representatives per account of any competing agency. This allows Jeewanjee Insurance to always be accessible to their clients. “It’s that level of attention and care that’s missing from the insurance business,” notes Jeewanjee himself. “And that is exactly what emerging businesses have responded so strongly to in our agency.”

The Simple Process
  • Enrollment: Following a comprehensive employee presentation, each employee receives their own pre-filled application, needing only sign their name. Pre-printed identification cards are distributed, providing coverage immediately.
  • Account Management: Jeewanjee Insurance handles transitions from old plans, deals with administrative issues, and solves common medical benefit management problems, even consolidating billing to reduce accounting burdens.
  • Renewal: Each client’s previous year plan performance is evaluated prior to renewal, and the Agency clearly lists new options available, even going so far as to solicit employee-input to best evaluate their success.
  • Claims: Despite a growing battle between insurance carriers and physicians, that often leaves clients in the middle, Jeewanjee Insurance has had success intervening for clients, providing solutions to the employee. It is one of the rare brokerages, in fact, to feature a claims adjuster working exclusively for the agency.
  • Customer Service: Together with the client, Jeewanjee Insurance creates an intranet site solely for each company, noting benefits, FAQ’s, and forms for ready access. The agency also dedicates a personal voice mail to each client, as well as a specific e-mail account for their employees to send questions directly to their assigned representative.

  • The Unique Perspective

    Jeewanjee Insurance completely understands the needs of IT related companies, many of which commonly hire more people in a week than most companies do annually. One of the first to implement virtual customer service, Jeewanjee Insurance is a true pioneer in the insurance industry.

    Balanced with this groundbreaking mindset is a foundation of dealing with major insurance carriers and providing an old-fashioned, personalized level of service and care to their clients. Because many growing companies often put aside insurance issues, Jeewanjee Insurance works to stay aware of their changing needs, growing exposure, and shifting requirements. The core idea that Zain Jeewanjee had many years ago about filling a unique need for emerging business remains central to the agency’s vision today

    The Expansive Range

    Not content to simply offer basic insurance services, Jeewanjee Insurance, through its site, offers a tremendous variety of services, meeting countless business and personal insurance needs. Aside from its foundation suite of medical services, Jeewanjee Insurance also provides protection for commercial buildings, business and professional liability coverage, home and auto insurance, special event coverage, and much more. Licensed now in 46 states, the agency has been able to rapidly expand its reach into geographical areas and regional niches that have brought it great recognition.

    Work Hours

    7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday; 10am-12pm Saturday
    The agency can be reached 24/7/365 via E Mail at



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